Learn how to plant a garden, build a raised bed garden and find the right tool for your job with the help of our gardening experts.

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    Affordable Garden Path Ideas

    Beautiful (and affordable) DIY garden paths that you can build in a weekend, without breaking the bank or your back, to spruce up your yard. Here are our favorite walkway ideas for your landscape.

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    10 Spring Container Garden Ideas

    These gorgeous spring container garden ideas show off an explosion of color and texture while celebrating warmer weather and boosting...

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    Guide To Growing Tiger Lilies

    For a pop of orange in the middle of summer, plant a tiger lily, which is easy to grow and...

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    Guide To Ranunculus Care

    Ranunculus flowers aren't just for florist's bouquets. You can grow them, too. Here's how.

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    30 Types of Weeds and How to ID Them

    Meet the most common botanical interlopers you're likely to find in your garden or vegetable patch, and learn how to...

    17 Gifts for Gardeners Guaranteed to Please

    The best gifts for gardeners are more than practical, they’re artful. Impress anyone with a green thumb with...

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    10 Types of Lilies To Grow in Your Garden

    There are so many types of lilies, it can be hard to choose. Here's help deciding which ones will grow...

    Sharpal Knife Sharpener for Lawn Mower Blades (and Much More)

    The Sharpal Knife Sharpener makes your life easier—it sharpens lawn mower blades, knives and tools quickly.

    How to Grow a Cut Flower Garden

    If you love farm-fresh bouquets of flowers in your home, why not try growing them yourself? It's easier than you...

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    15 Native Plants To Add To Your Yard

    Native plants require less fuss, grow more easily and help pollinators and other wildlife. Here are some ideas to plant...

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    10 Green Flowers To Grow in Your Garden

    Green flowers are not common. Plant them in your gardens as eye-catching stunners that blend in beautifully with the rest...

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    10 Best Spring Flowers

    Expand your yard's palette of spring flowers with iconic and new ideas you'll find in this list of top performers.

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    What Is a Keystone Plant and How Does It Support Wildlife?

    Keystone plants nurture an incredible amount of bird, insect and wildlife diversity. Here's why these ecosystem heroes should be in...

    How to Grow Elephant Garlic

    This trendy allium is easy to grow and delicious to cook with.

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    How To Convert Your Lawn and Garden To Be Organic

    Organic lawn care might seem overwhelming, but it's actually pretty simple and affordable to convert your yard or garden. Here's...

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    How To Care for Begonias

    Whether you garden for flowers or foliage, learn how to care for begonias and you'll enjoy gardening success.

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    How To Find Good Deals on Native Plants

    Native plants are beneficial to birds, bees and ecosystems. They're also often cheap or even free. Here's how to find...

    The 5 Best Pole Saws to Trim Your Trees and Shrubs

    Use this list of the best pole saw picks to ensure your tree pruning tasks are completed quickly and safely.

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    How To Grow Dahlias

    Dahlias are becoming more popular each year as gardeners discover the many varieties available. If you love flowers, you'll find...

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    Garden Soil vs. Potting Soil: What’s the Difference?

    Soils aren't all alike. You'll be less discombobulated in garden stores if you know how garden soil differs from potting...

    Is It Safe to Plant Climbing Vines Around Your House?

    Choose your vines wisely. A vine on house exteriors can inflict unintended damage if you aren't careful.

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    What To Know About Mini Vegetables

    If you have a sunny outdoor spot, a place to put a big container and a little time, you can...

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    How to Make an Eco-Friendly Succulent Yard

    Save water and money with these charming, low-maintenance plants.

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    Try These Mini Vegetables and Fruits in Your Garden This Year

    Whether you have space for a big garden or not, growing mini vegetables is fun and easy. Plus, you get...

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    How You Can Help Bees and Pollinators Thrive in Your Yard

    Native bees and honeybees are struggling in many places. Learn how to help the bees, butterflies and more beneficial bugs...

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    If Mushrooms Are Growing in Your Lawn, This Is What It Means

    Gardening expert Melinda Myers explains why mushrooms sprout on your lawn and trees and what to do about them.

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    10 Best Annuals for Shady Spots

    Brilliant blooms and fun foliage options are endless if you know where to look. Let's explore captivating types of annuals...

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    12 Orange Flowers To Grow in Your Garden

    Orange flowers pack a punch, making a bold statement in gardens, borders and containers. These extroverted flowers are NOT shrinking...