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    How to Install Cement Board for Tile Projects

    The best base for ceramic tile is waterproof cement board.

    How to Tile a DIY Backsplash

    Install a mosaic tile backsplash for a whole new look in just one weekend.

    What You Need to Know About Peel-and-Stick Tile

    Installing tile can be intimidating for any DIYer regardless of skill or experience. It takes time, money, tools and patience...

    Pros and Cons of Various Tile Backers

    Learn the pros and cons of various tile substrate products so you know which to pick for your next project.

    Tile Installation: How to Tile Over Tile

    You can lay new ceramic tile right over old tile if you use the methods we show you here.

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    Five Creative Uses for the Space Under Your Stairs

    Got bonus space under a staircase? Put it to use with these ideas.

    The 6 Best Tile Floor Cleaners for Everyday Spills and Spot Cleaning

    Whether it’s for wiping spilled juice from kitchen tile or cleaning up around the toilet, here are the...

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    7 Best Attic Door Insulation Covers

    You insulate the attic to keep the house warm. But if you don't insulate the door, you'll still be cold....

    Forget Fire Logs! People Are Filling Their Fireplaces with Candles and It’s So Cozy

    Putting candles in the fireplace is an excellent way to add coziness and warmth to your home.

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    How To Clean Windows With Vinegar

    Grease-cutting, mineral-removing vinegar cleans everything, even windows! Here's how to get your windows shining with vinegar.

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    Can You Truly Soundproof an Apartment?

    Unless your landlord agrees to permanent structural changes, you can't truly soundproof an apartment. You do have options for...

    What Is Peel-and-Stick Trim and How Do You Use It?

    This easy peel-and-stick trim is a game-changer for room design! With it, you can create an expensive-looking room without spending...

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    How To Mill Your Own Wood Trim

    Have windows and door in need of trim? Consider milling your own. Learn how to mill and install your own...

    How To Clean Concrete Floors in the Basement

    Has your concrete basement floor seen better days? It might simply need cleaning. Here's how to clean a concrete floor...

    The Floor Police Mop Makes Cleaning All Surfaces Criminally Easy

    The cordless Floor Police Mop puts dust behind bars with high-speed revolving pads. It's no wonder Amazon customers are raving...

    5 Super Handy Hacks for Finding Studs Without a Stud Finder

    Need to find a wall stud to hang something heavy, but don't have a stud finder? Try one of these...

    5 Best Robot Mops to Get Your Floors Squeaky Clean

    Robot mops can completely revolutionize your floor-cleaning routine. Whether you're looking for a hybrid vacuum mop or a high-tech robot...

    The 5 Best Basement Sealers to Waterproof Your Space

    A basement sealer helps prevent moisture issues and makes your floor much easier to keep clean and dust-free.

    How to Install an Egress Window

    Adding a code compliant egress window makes a brighter, safer basement.

    Snuggle Up Next to an Electric Fireplace on Valentine’s Day—Get One on Sale for as Low as $99

    Family Handyman's Sales Editor searched high and low to find the best electric fireplace deals. Luckily for...

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    How Much Does It Cost To Insulate an Attic?

    It varies with the size of the attic, the material you use and several other factors. Here's a breakdown to...

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    10 DIY Firewood Storage Ideas

    You'll always be ready to build a cozy fire with these DIY firewood storage ideas

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    Is It Possible To Soundproof an Entire House?

    Soundproofing individual rooms is one thing. But can you can keep noisy nuisances out of a whole house?

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    15 Ways To Use Fireplace Ash

    You don't need to throw out your fireplace wood ash. Try these savvy ways to use it.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Replace Siding?

    The cost to replace siding depends on several factors. The main ones are the siding material, your home's design and...

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    5 DIY Window Well Covers

    Window well covers keep out rain and pests while preventing people from falling in. Follow these instructions for five easy-to-make...

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    10 Ideas for Stylish Basement Stairs

    Transform dark and dreary basement stairs into a beautiful and useful feature in your home with these basement stair ideas.

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    8 Tips for Painting Wood Siding

    Painting wood siding? Save time and money in the long run with a little preparation.

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    Which Parts of Your Home Are Most Susceptible to Winter Storm Damage?

    Winter weather can take a heavy toll on your home, so it's best to be prepared.

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    Tips for Choosing Fireplace Andirons and Grates

    Learn how andirons and grates differ and why you'll favor andirons for your fireplace.

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    How Much Does a Roof Replacement Cost?

    Roofs are meant to last, so you might never have to replace yours. If you do, you'll probably need a...