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    Best Kit Homes for 2022

    Kit homes can be a cost-effective way to build your perfect retreat, but be aware: Some assembly is required.

    12 Tips for Drilling Holes in Metal

    For most do-it-yourselfers, there will likely come a time when you'll have to drill a hole through a piece of...

    10 Easy Ways to Cut Metal Fast

    Our best tips for getting your project done right.

    Save the Hassle And Your Trim with the Bucket Edge

    Homeowners and contractors rejoice! The Bucket Edge is here to give you the peace of mind you need while painting...

    Understanding Electrical Wire Color Codes

    Ready to cross that electrical project off your to-do list? Understand wiring color codes so you can finish the job...

    The 7 Best Dust Collector Machines for Woodworking

    Dust collection is an important part of a clean and safe shop. We found the best dust collector systems on...

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    How to Make Simple Mortise and Tenon Joints

    A guide to mortise and tenon joinery, a core technique

    11 Handy Tips and Helpful Products for Moving Heavy Objects

    Whether you're moving a couch or a boulder, a heavy planter or a delicate glass mirror, these heavy-lifting tips will...

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    Sherwin-Williams CEO Forecasts Plummet in Paint Demand in 2023

    Sherwin-Williams is shifting its business model to brace for decreased paint demands.

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    10 Types of Roofing Materials

    Looking to upgrade your roof? One of these roofing material options should work for you, your home and your climate.

    The Cutting-Edge Tool Your Lawn Needs: Ego String Trimmer

    Tired of replacing your trimmer's line? Grab the Ego String Trimmer with Powerload, which makes switching the string as easy...

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    6 Smart Painting Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

    Starting a DIY remodel? Keep things neat and clean with the best painting hacks from TikTok.

    5 Paint Color Trends on Their Way Out

    Wondering which paint trends are on their way out in 2023? Here's what you need to know.

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    How to Make DIY Wood Chess Pieces

    Put your own spin on a classic game.

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    Why Does Letting Your Faucet Drip Prevent Pipes from Freezing?

    A slow faucet drip keeps water flowing to prevent pipes from freezing and bursting. In extreme cold, it may require...

    The 5 Best Pole Saws to Trim Your Trees and Shrubs

    Use this list of the best pole saw picks to ensure your tree pruning tasks are completed quickly and safely.

    The 5 Best Basement Sealers to Waterproof Your Space

    A basement sealer helps prevent moisture issues and makes your floor much easier to keep clean and dust-free.

    How to Install an Egress Window

    Adding a code compliant egress window makes a brighter, safer basement.

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    6 Best Types of Mulch to Use in Your Landscape

    Need to add mulch to your yard? From wood chips to pine needles, discover the top types of mulch and...

    Be Prepared for Painting Projects—Stock Up on the Best Paint Rollers While They’re on Sale

    If you love changing up the look of your home, these paint roller deals will save you tons of cash.

    More Than 34,000 Shoppers Swear by This Wood Conditioner—and It’s Only $9

    Snag the product shoppers call "a miracle in a bottle" at a limited-time savings of 33%!

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    8 Tips for Painting Wood Siding

    Painting wood siding? Save time and money in the long run with a little preparation.

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    How to Build a DIY Barstool

    If you know your way around a table saw, you can make this barstool. Read on to learn how.

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    How to Make a Simple Wooden Box

    Here's a practical project to hone your woodworking skills.

    How to Build Faux Basement Windows That Provide Real Light

    This project uses a slim LED light panel mounted in a simple frame to give you light and the illusion...

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    Here’s How to Clean Every Type of Couch

    Learning how to clean a couch is easier than you might think—as long as you follow these expert-approved instructions

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    10 Tips to Build a Better Concrete Sidewalk

    Build strong, crack-free concrete sidewalks and slabs with advice from the pros for forming edges, leveling, smoothing, curing and other...

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    How to Build Your Own Drawer Slides

    Make your own drawer slides for your next cabinetry project with these easy step-by-step plans.

    How to Paint a Front Door Without Removing It Off Its Hinges

    Save time by painting a door on its hinges using this easy trick.

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    How To Build a DIY Cat Tree and Tower

    Cat trees don't have to be boring pet store affairs. Make this rugged tree in a weekend.

    How To Sharpen and Tune Up a Hand Plane

    Got a hand plane that's not performing well? It could be dull, need tuning up, or both. Let us show...